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What do we teach?

We offer tuition accross a wide variety of styles; primarily ballet, tap, theatrecraft and modern jazz.


Young children begin with tap and ballet as a foundation and usually continue to study these as core dance forms throughout their dancing lives.  As they grow we introduce theatrecraft and other more contemporary dance styles.


Most students begin learning aged between two and six and many continue well into their teenage years and beyond. A student who studies with us throughout their childhood and adolescence can expect to be thoroughly competent and highly experienced in all dance styles mentioned above by the time they reach sixth form college.


Typically a young student would begin with combined tap and ballet lessons as an introduction. Aged around five or six we would begin to introduce elements of theatrecraft to their studies. At around the age of seven or eight we begin to provide separate ballet, tap and theatrecraft lessons as they begin to take their dance studies more seriously.

Classical Ballet

An essential core discipline to a child's studies, ballet is the precursor to almost all western dance forms. Students benefit greatly from a foundation in classical ballet:

  • They develop muscle control; co-ordination, balance and kinaesthesia.

  • They learn to follow instructions and gain a sense of discipline.

  • They learn to strive for perfection in their performance.

  • In time, students develop long lean muscles, good posture and deportment.

  • They gain a sense of dignity, self-confidence and to take pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish.


Another key dance form, tap focuses on listening and the development of a sense of rhythm and timing. Tap is an excellent compliment to ballet. Where ballet reaches for precision, dignity and perfection, tap teaches young dancers to perform with style and flare. Where ballet is about hard work and long term accomplishment, tap dance is about having fun.


Theatrecraft is dance for musical theatre - that is to say the type of dance you'd associate with big stage productions and dance shows. Theatrecraft is about confidence, big numbers, vibrant costumes, group co-ordination and enchanting solos.  Students learn how to peform for an audience. Theatrecraft is an excellent way to broaden students' dancing horizons and equip them to fulfil their aspirations.

Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz is about strength and flexibility. Students learn to develop many different movements spanning a broad range of rhythms and musical styles. The aim of modern jazz is to equip students to express emotion through movement and to use their bodies to interpret any musical genre.

Is that all?

By no means! During the course of their lessons with us, students will gain experience in many other genres such as disco, street dance, national dance and character dance.

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