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Why should we come to you?

Miss Ellie is a highly qualified and experienced children's dance teacher with a passion for combining the highest standard of teaching with lessons that are engaging and fun.


We aim to walk the fine line between a focus on self improvement and maintaining our excellent exam result record whilst still allowing the children to enjoy their learning. We encourage excellence through hard work and determination but we do not enforce the rigid discipline of traditional ballet schools or employ harsh teaching techniques.


We have a 100% examination pass record.


The majority of lessons are open to parents and carers to watch.


We are very competetively priced and we allow a range of payment options.


We offer absolute assurance that the teaching we provide is of the highest standard.

About Miss Ellie - Principal

Miss Ellie (M.A., B.A. (Hons), F.I.D.T.A., A.N.A.T.D.) is an experienced and professionally qualified dance teacher.

Miss Ellie has spent her life learning the disciplines and skills she now passes on to her students. She is thoroughly familiar with the experience of the learning process from both sides.


As well as her professional qualification as a Fellow of the IDTA, she holds a degree in Dance Teaching and Performance and a master's degree in Dance and Somatic Movement Education.

She has been teaching children's dance classes for over 20 years.

Miss Ellie trained under the renowned Miss Judith Thompson, IDTA examiner Miss Emma Turner of South Manchester Dance Academy, and senior IDTA examiner Miss Heywood.

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